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$65.00 AUD 


GBC Gameboy Pocket

Nintendo Game Boy Pocket GBP in varous colours.



- Handheld console

- Cleaned & tested


  • Colour Display
  • Impressive 10 to 30 hours of battery life
  • Over 576 Game Boy Color games to choose from
  • Backwards compatible with orignal Game Boy games

The Game Boy Pocket is a redesigned version of the original Game Boy having the same features. It was released in 1996. Notably, this variation is smaller and lighter. It comes in seven different colors; red, yellow, green, black, clear, silver, blue, and pink.

Another notable improvement over the original Game Boy is a black-and-white display screen, rather than the green-tinted display of the original Game Boy, that also featured improved response time for less blurring during motion. The Game Boy Pocket takes two AAA batteries as opposed to four AA batteries for roughly ten hours of gameplay.

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