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Console: Teal - Blue
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GBC Gameboy Colour

Nintendo Game Boy Colour GBC in varous colours.



- Handheld console

- Cleaned & tested


  • Colour Display
  • Impressive 10 to 30 hours of battery life
  • Over 576 Game Boy Color games to choose from
  • Backwards compatible with orignal Game Boy games

The Game Boy Color is a superb handheld as it brought colour to the market for the first time for Nintendo, it also brought a massive game library filled with must-play games along with it. It was a huge improvement over the original Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket, with dramatically better battery life and a colour screen which are still rather impressive to this day.

If you're itching to scratch that nostalgia itch, I would I’d definitely reccomend picking one of these up and a few games to match.

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