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Console: Star Wars Limited Edition N64 Pack
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 N64 Star Wars: Episode I Racer Limited Edition Long Box


Comes with a 4MB RAM Expansion Pak - already inserted.

This Star Wars: Episode I Racer Long Box is one of the most limited edition console packs we have seen yet! Incredibly difficult to find, we at Retro Sales seem to the have the only one on the market! 

Click here to see the images in High Definition.


Outer Box:

This package was kept in incredible condition. The outer box has the original BigW tape surrounding with some natural age and wear on the outer box (please refer to images for detail). 

Internal Console Box + Console:

All absolutely impeccable. Considering the age of this package, the wear is minor. The console and accessories are also like new.

Star Wars Episode I racer (boxed):

I feel like I'm repeating myself - but this was also cherished and so kept in fantastic condition. The game pins have been cleaned and tested, so all is working. Comes with original packaging, including its original leaflets.




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