Cable | SEGA 32X To Mega Drive 1 AV Link Patch Cable

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Patch Cable for SEGA 32X TO MEGA DRIVE 1


The Sega 32X Link Cable is a replacement link cable to connect the Sega 32X to the Mega Drive 1 or Genesis 1 console.


SEGA Mega Drive 1 to 32X

  • Brand new replacement cable
  • Connects SEGA 32X to SEGA Mega Drive 1 Console
  • Also compatible with Sega 32X and Sega Genesis 1
  • Cable length: approx 0.4M enough to connect them together

Make sure you choose the correct cable. This one is specifically for the Mega Drive 1 console which is rectangular in shape.


We also have a suitable 32X Patch cable for SEGA Mega Drive 2 if you need that version.


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