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3D Printed Plastic Surround for the Dreamcast USB-GDROM

This is a 3D printed tray designed for the Dreamcast USB-GDROM. 


USB-GDROM is an USB card based replacement for the optical drive in Dreamcast console.


With the entire CD drive removed and the USB-GDROM installed, this leaves a large space inside the console. The solution is to fill this area with a custom 3D designed tray that fills this entire space and gives your Dreamcast back a factory look.


Printed in PLA Black or White to match the colour of your console.


This tray offers a sturdy way to mount the USB-GDROM device inside your console so that it doesn't move around when inserting or removing USB sticks. It also gives a much more complete look when the lid is open as it has walls that surround the inside of the system and prevents accidental dropping of the USB stick.



Simply install in place using the original screws from your GD-ROM drive and USB-GDROM device.


Select from the drop down menu for the colour that matches your console - Black or White.

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