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No more dropping your SD card into your console!
Works with clone or regular GDEMU
Compatible with other Dreamcast mods such as noctuna fan.
This top loading tray puts the SD card as far forward as possible for the easiest access.

1. Sturdy and durable
2. Improves the ventilation and heat dissipation effectively.
3. With extended GDENMU SD card cassette
4. Perfect replacement for optical drive enclosure
5. SD card memory card slot
6. Quickly switch game buttons

Secure GDEMU to GDEMU support with provided screws and washers but do not fully tighten.
Place into console and plug in GDEMU.
Secure support to console with provided screw.
Tighten screws for GDEMU
Screw in the SD extender into top insert with the provided screws
Secure the top insert to the lid piece using the three provided screws.
Plug in the SD extension cable.
Reassemble your dreamcast, insert the button, and your done!
If you are taking out the GD-Rom drive they keep your unit from overheating since without the GD-Rom drive the power supply will get hot.

White Interface Height is about 8mm
It is only suitable for GDEMUin our store
This product excludes GDEMU and SD card

Package Included:
Drive tray insert
"Next disc" button
Bracket, used to securely mount the GDEMU board
SD Card Extender Cable
Some screws

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