Accessory | Nintendo 64 | Upscaler RCA Composite to 720P 1080P HDMI

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N64 Upscaler

RCA Composite Video to 720P 1080P HDMI


This generic upscaler can take RCA composite video (Red White Yellow Plug) from old retro consoles such as the N64 and convert the signal into digital 1080P HDMI for use on a modern TV.


It's not a magic bullet solution, but it works very well  to sharpen the old signal before sending to a modern TV. The results are excellent for a cheap solution.


It first increases the resolution up from the 1990s 240P to a modern 1080P. It then converts the analogue signal to digital and sends it to your TV over the HDMI digital format.


PAL N64 (This has been tested)


How to use:

  1. Plug your old console into the device via RCA plugs
  2. Plug an HDMI cable into the device and to your TV
  3. Plug in the included USB power cable to any USB 5V power plug like an iPhone charger.
  4. Set the device to either 720P or 1080P with the side switch
  5. Switch on your console and TV

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