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 make the highest quality RGB SCART cables available. All cables are shielded and produce the best possible video output from retro consoles. Shipping is worldwide and very affordable.


 Retro Gaming Power Supplies make the highest quality Retro Power Supplies available. Our retro consoles can be very specific when it comes to the correct voltage, current & connector required, especially when playing Japanese or foreign consoles in Australia.
Global Garage takes this hassle away by producing an entire range of power supplies designed to work with all retro consoles....and without hum, buzz or interference. They are sold here at Retro Sales or direct from the Global Garage eBay store here




 ZQRacing Gaming Chairs Brisbane Sydney Melbourne


ZQRacing is the ultimate premium seating solution for the serious gamer.
With inspiration taken from racing car seats, ZQRacing chairs are designed and made with a clear focus on ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality perfection. They not only look good, but are well designed to relieve and reduce physical and repetitive stress, while providing exceptional spine support for greater health and better quality of life.
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