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PC Engine Console


The Japanese PC Engine, is a cartridge-based home video game console manufactured and marketed by NEC Home Electronics and designed by Hudson Soft. It was released in Japan on October 30, 1987, and in the United States as the TurboGrafx-16, on August 29, 1989.

It was the first console released in the 16-bit era, although it used a modified 8-bit CPU. In Japan, the system was launched as a competitor to the Famicom, but the delayed American release meant that it ended up competing with the Sega Genesis and later the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


 PC Engine console


Australian power adapter

(No games)


Condition is good, but the plastic has some signs of marks and discolouration from age. See photos of actual item.


It's highly advisable to pickup the optional video expansion adapter to make connecting this to your TV much easier.  By default this console only outputs the old RF video signal. The adapter will give you Composite video and RGB. Add this console to your cart, then click here to see the adapter.



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