HUDSON SOFT Games & Consoles


Hudson Soft made games and accessories for many retro gaming consoles from back in the day.

View all 0023272998585 018113989457 023272997939 045496391720 045496960469 100v 120v240v 1602 1602-03 1975 1MB RAM 2 3 3-D 3025 3025-03A 32x 3D 3d0 3DO 3dorgb 4 4 in 1 4MB RAM 60hz 64 670-5847 72 pin 72pin A Bug's Life Accessory Action action replay Action Replay Pro AD&D Adapter Adelaide advance advanced Adventure Aero The Acrobat 2 aes Airboarder Airboarders Alex Kidd Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle ALTTP American Baseball American Pro Football Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis arcade Arcade Collection Arcade Stick Area 51 Armorines Armorines Project SWARM Art of Fighting 2 as new Assault Atari Atari 2600 ATV Quad Power Racing AU AUS Australia australian Autobots AV av cable Avatar The Game B-Movie B-Movie They Came From Outer Space BA-FJ Backup balance Baseball Baseball Stars Baseball Stars Professional batman battery Battle Pad Battlemaniacs Battletoads Battletoads In Battlemaniacs belt best rgb cable best scart cable billiards bios Black Blade Blue Blues Journey bnc board Bomberman book Boot Box boxed boxed set boxing Bubsy Bug's Bunny: Crazy Castle 3 Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny Operation Carrot Patch Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 4 Bugs Life Bundle burning rangers Burning Soldier Buy sega console Buy Sega Mega Drive Games Australia buy sega megadrive buy shielded cable Buzz Lightyear bvm C7 cable California Games Call Of Duty Call of Duty 4 Camera cap cap-kit capacitor Caper caps Captain Captain Skyhawk Car Car racing cardboard Carry cart Carton Carton version Cartridge Case Castlevania CBS CD cd+plus CDS-P2 CDX certificate Championship pool Chip christmas CIB Citrus3000psi Clank Classic Classics Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind Clearance COD coffee Cogswells Coleco ColecoVision Collectors color colour complete Component Composite composite cable composite video Composive console console mods Console repair console rescue console5 Consulting Detective control control pad control stick Controller Controller extension controller extension cable conversion converter cord Core Grafx CoreGrafx Cosmic Avenger Country coupon cover Crazy Castle 3 Crossed Swords CXK5814P CXK5814P-35L CXK5864BSP CXK5864BSP-10L CXK5864BSP-12L CXK5864BSP-70LL Cyber Lip D&D Dan Kunz Darius twin Darkness Datel dc digital DF2 Diddy Kong Racing discount Doctor Who Doctor Who Evacuation Earth Doko Demo Issyo DOL-GLRP-AUS DOL-GSWP-AUS DOL-PZLP Donald Donald in Maui Mallard Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Country Dough Boy Dragon Crystal Dragons Lair Dream Passport Dream Passport 2 Dream Passport 3 dreamcast Dreamcast Express Extra Driving Dropzone DS Duck dull screen Dungeons & and Dragons Duo R Duo RX dust Early revision Echochrome Edition english Entertainment System Episode III eprom Equinox etim EU Euro European evox EX2 EX2 Plus Excitebike Exerion Expansion Extended extension Extreme Racing Eye Toy Eye Toy USB Camera f-1 F-15 F-Zero F1 f1 Circus F1 World Grand Prix F15 F15 City War Famicom Fast RAM Fatal Fury Fatal Fury Special featured Ferrari Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge FF7 FFVII Field Commander FIFA FIFA International Soccer fight fight stick Fighting Figure 8 Final Fantasy Final Fantasy VII [Platinum] Final Fantasy X-2 fit fixing plate FM fm sound FM Sound Unit FM-70 Foot controller Football Football Frenzy for him for sale Formula 1 Formula one FPS fuse FZ-1 FZ-10 FZ10 FZero G Police Gaiden Game game boy Game Boy Advance game cube Game Gear Game Pack 4 in 1 game pad Game-tech gameboy gamecube GameGear Garou Densetsu Special gba gbc gc Genesis Genuine GG Ghen War Ghost Pilots gift gift card glass Goal God of war Goemon GoKarts Golf golfamania gow Gran Turismo Grand Prix great golf green green xbox grey Grip grips GS-DOL-GZLP-AUS Gundam Gundam Memories GZLP hakchi2 nes Halley Wars halo Hand Grip hand held Handheld Hard Case Hardware HDMI Heart Heart Of Darkness Hey! Stop! Hi-Def NES Hi-Def NES installation Hi-Def NES service High Tech Option Series HKT-7000 Holder Hook HORI Hot Stuff House of the dead 2 HSP-33 HSS-0111 HSS-0138 hss-0150 hss-0167 Hu Card hudson HVC-2I HVC-BA HVC-EB HVC-FJ HVC-GF HVC-GO HVC-KI HVC-PP HVC-SX idea IEC ii install Installation service instructions International Superstar Soccer International Superstar Soccer 64 International Victory Goal INXS ipad Ishido Ishido The Way of Stones Jackie Chan Jackie Chan's Jackie Chans Action Kung Fu Japan japanese japanese saturn Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 Jet Force Gemini Jetsons JF-01 JF-13 JF-19 joystick JVC Kart Kart Challenge Kazooie Keith Courage in Alpha Zone Kettle Kidney Bean KIKI KIKI and LALA KIKI and LALA Sanrio Killer Instinct King of Fighters King Of Fighters 96 King Of Fighters 99 King of the Monsters KIT KOE-IS KOF Kombat KSC-DB Kung Food Kung Fu Label Lead leather Leed lens Lethal Alliance Lethal Weapon Lets Sing light gun Lightspeed Rescue Limited Limited Edition Link cable Lite Lola Bunny low audio lynx M27C1024 Mace Mace Dark Age Machi-Ing Maker 3 Mad Dog II Magic Carpet Magician Lord mains power Mallard manual manuals Map mario mark 2 mark ii Mark III markii markiii Mary Kate Mary-Kate And Ashley Magical Mystery Mall MASHIN EIYŪDEN WATARU Master Builder master ssytem master system Maui md1 Mega CD Mega drive mega drive 2 mega drive ii Mega Man Mega Man Maverick Hunter X MegaCD megadrive megadrive 2 Melbourne Memory Memory Card Merchandise Metal Metal Gear Solid [Platinum] Metal mario Metal Slug Metal Slug 3 Metroid Metroid II Metroid II Return of Samus Mic Michael Hutchence Mickey Mania Micro Machines 2 Microphone Microsoft Mini Mint Miracle Space Race MK-4122 MK-80314 mod mod chip modding model 1 model 2 model i model ii model1 Modern Warfare mods Monaco Monster Hunter Monster Hunter 2G Monster Hunter 2G Portable Monster Hunter 3 Monster Hunter 3rd Monster Hunter 3rd Portable Monster Racer Monster World Mortal Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat Trillogy Mounting plate Mouse trap Mousetrap Mug Mugs Multi-Mega Multimega Music Mutation Nation mvs Mystical Ninja Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon n64 N64 Digital n64n64digital NAM NAM 1975 NAM-FS-3900 NEC NEC A1442 neo geo Neo Geo CD Neo Power NeoGeo NES NES 72pin NES classic NES classic 700 games NES classic console NES classic hack NES classic modified NES classic more games NES Classics NES HDMI NES Mini New NFL ngh-010 NHL Nightmare in the Dark Nights Into Dreams Ninja Ninja Combat Nintendo Nintendo 64 Nintendo DS Nintendo Entertainment System NTSC ntsc-j ntsc-u NWO Obi-Wan Ocarina official og Operation Wolf Original original xbox Oujo Rihita no Namida Over The Hedge Hammy Goes Nuts ozisoft Pac-Man Pac-Man NES Classics Pachi PACHINKO PACHINKO KUN Pachio-kun 2 PACKAPUNCH pad pal pal a Palette Panasonic Paperboy Parodius part parts Party Party Time With Winnie The Pooh pc engine PCE pcengine Perfect Dark Perth PGA PGA Tour 97 PI-PD001 PI-PD002 PI-PD6 Pin Bot Pinball Pins pixelfx plastic platform Platformer platinum play back saturn Play TV playstaion playstation PlayStation 1 playstation 2 playstation 3 Playstation 4 PNP Pokemon Pokemon Snap Police pool Popeye portable power power adapter power drift power issues Power League Power Rangers Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue power supply Power Transistor Predator present Prince Prince of Persia pro protector ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 Pseudo Saturn psp psu Psychic World Purple Putt Putter pvm PZLP Q Bert Q Bert 3 quake quake ii Queen Rachet Racing Racing Spirits Radical Rex Rally RAM Rampage Ratchet Ratchet & Clank Ratchet and Clank RCA Real Crimes Real Crimes The Unicorn Killer ReBoot Red red white yellow refirbish Refurbished region free repair replacement Rescue Mission retro gaming retro gaming cables Return of Samus Revenge of the Fallen Revenge Of The Sith Review rf rf adapter RG-CP6 RGB rgb scart RGB SCART cable RGBS rgc rgcrgb Rikku Road Rash 64 robo cop robocop robocop 2 Rockin Mega Stage Rogue Squadron Rogue Squadron 3 Rogue Squadron III rom Rotation RPG Rush Ryuuko no Ken 2 S-002 s-video SA-210 Samurai Shodown Samurai Spirits San Francisco Rush saturn saturn backups saturn cd-r saturn cdr save game Save state sc-3000 sc-3000H sc3000 Scaling scart SCES-00867 SCES-00984 SCES-01833 SCES-03705 SCJH-10001L scratch screen Scribble Nauts Secret Secret Command Secret of Evermore Secrets sega SEGA CD SEGA Mega Drive sega saturn Sega Touring Sega Touring Car Championship SegaCD Sentimental Graffiti Sentimental Graffiti 2 service service kit SF2 SFII sg-1000 SG-1000 II sg1000 Shadow of the Beast Shadow Of The Empire Shadows Of The Empire Shanghai Shanghai: Triple Threat Sherlock Holmes SHI-3G shielded rgb scart shmup Shock Wave ShockWave shoot em up shooter Side Pocket Sight Training silver Sing Skateboarding Skater Skyblazer Skyhawk Slam Jam 95 Slam n Jam 95 Slayer sleeve SLES-00250 SLES-00461 SLES-00922 SLES-01244 SLES-01260 SLES-01981 SLES-02822 SLES-03209 SLES-03246 SLES-03251 SLES-03422 SLES-03783 SLG360 Slime World sms snap SNES snes classic snes mini snk snooker Soccer Solomon no Kagi Solomons Key sony Sony SCPH-1122 SOR SOR2 Space Fury Space Harrier spare Spartan Spectravideo spo-default spo-disabled spo-enabled Sports Car GT SRAM SS-012 st-key Star Wars Star Wars Episode I Star Wars Episode I Obi-Wan's Adventures Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith Star Wars Rebel Strike Star Wars Rogue Leader Star Wars Rogue Squadron Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire Starwing Stealth Stealth ATF Steel Cage Challenge step down stepdown stick Storage Street Fighter Street Fighter EX2 Plus Street Fighter II Streets Of Rage Stunt Race FX Sunsoft Super Bomberman 2 Super Bomberman 3 Super Castlevania IV Super Dropzone super famicom Super Metroid Super Monaco GP Super Nintendo Super Turrican Super Turrican 2 svideo Switch Sydney tablet Taz Mania TCF-TM Tennis Test Drive Test Drive Unlimited tetris Tetris Attack TFC-KHS-5500 The Force Unleashed II The Jetsons Cogswell's Caper The King Of Fighters 96 The King Of Fighters 98 The King Of Fighters 99 The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past The Lost Gold The Lost Vikings the new tetris They came from outer space THPS3 Thumb Thumb Grips thumbstick Thunderhawk TLOZ Todd's Adventures in Slime World Tonic Trouble Tony Hawk Tony Hawk's Skateboarding Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Toy Story Toy Story 2 Toy Story 2 - Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue Trael transformer Transformers Transformers decepticons Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Transistor Triple Threat turbo turbo grafix turbo grafx turbo grafx16 turbografx turbografx 16 Turrican ULJM-05226 ULJM-08025 ULJS-00242 UMD unibios universe bios usa V-Rally '97 Championship Edition V-Saturn v3.2 Victor Victor saturn Victory video video games Vietnam VII Vision Visual Memory Unit VMU Vol 11 Vol II Volume ii voucher VRAM War War for Cybertron Autobots War for Cybertron Decepticons Wario's Woods WCW WCW Revenge WCW vs NWO World Tour weapon weapon lord weaponlord weird Wetrix White White Label wii Wii Dual Wii Fit wii u wiiu Wimbledon wind waker Winnie The Pooh Winter Gold Wipeout 64 Wireless Adapter Wolfchild Wonder Boy Wonder Boy In Monster World Wonderboy World Champ World Class Leader Board World Class Leader Board Golf World Court World Grand Prix world soccer World Tour Wrestling WWF WWF Smackdown 2 Know Your Role WWF WrestleMania XBOX XBOX 360 xeno xenogc Yellow YUNA Zelda Zelda Collector's Edition Zelda Ocarina of Time Zelda Wind Waker Zelda Wind Waker [Limited Edition] Zelda Wind Waker [Player's Choice] Zero The Kamikaze Squirrel ZWW

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