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Atari Lynx LCD IPS Display Upgrade

Supply install service

We use BennVenn LCD IPS kits as in our opinion they are better than others.

 NOTE: Make sure you select the right kit when buying your LCD kit. It must suit your console model - Either Lynx I or Lynx II

    Choose the option you need.

    NOTE: You absolutley need new capacitors in the console for this mod to work, so you can select that service from the dropdown menu. If your console has already had a recap, then just order the LCD supply & install.




    What to post in?

    For this job, we recommend sending in the following items as the fault can be with one of them.

    • Console
    • Games (It's common for your games to be dirty and be the underlying cause of the blank screen, so send one game which we'll clean properly and and use as the test cart)


    How does the process work?

    1. Buy the kit from the maker (Linked above)
    2. Buy this repair service (return shipping is calculated at checkout).
    3. Print our address from the "Print Address" button on screen.
    4. Post in your console, the kit, accessories and a test game.
    5. We repair your console.
    6. We post your console back to you with the prepaid shipping costs from checkout.


    Who pays for postage?

    • You organise postage and ship your console in.
    • We calculate the return postage at checkout and this is how we get it back to you.


    Features from the maker:

      Why our kit over the others?

      • Superior IPS Panel - Rich warm colors, deep blacks, amazing viewing angles, super efficient
      • Single PCB can support LynxI and LynxII consoles
      • Supports our IPS or TFT panels.
      • VGA out to play on your TV/Monitor/etc (Compatible with our VGA mag connect cables)
      • Brightness control via the contrast wheel
      • Optional On-screen Low Battery indicator
      • Options for Vertical/Horizontal/No scanlines
      • Double the battery runtime compared any other kit (Will not crash your game as batteries get low or glitch your controls)
      • No soldering required (for LynxII, soldering required for LynxI)
      • 3D printed install frame by Atari Gamer takes the guesswork out of alignment when installing. 
      • Only one component needs removing from the PCB (LynxII) or one wire cut (LynxI) vs dozens with our competitors
      • Easily reversible to revert your system back to OEM spec if you choose (LynxII). 

      What is included in the IPS Kit?

      • Universal LynxI/II screen driver PCB
      • Custom manufactured BennVenn IPS Screen
      • 3d Printed installation frame (Lynx1 or Lynx2 type)
      • Solderless install ribbon (Included in LynxII Kit only)
      • Capacitive touch module (To enable scanlines/VGA mode on LynxI)

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