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Frequency: PAL 4.433
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Crystal Oscillator

PAL - 4.433MHz

NTSC - 3.579MHz

Colour Subcarrier Xtal

5V 4Pin

These crystal oscillators are used for video to correct colour issues. A perfect example is when you run a SEGA Mega Drive PAL console at 60hz it causes the Composite video signal to output in black and white. This is because the 60hz frequency pushes the PAL colour information out of spec. You can easily correct this by using a PAL 4.433Mhz crystal oscillator to fix the signal.

PAL and NTSC both available as you may want to set the output to either PAL or NTSC. Both will work depending on your preference.



FYI - Using RGB at either 50 or 60hz is unaffected by the Crystal frequency and will always just work. This conversion is really suited to Composite video.

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