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Free MCBoot Memory Card FMCB for PS2

What Is FreeMcBoot (aka FMCB)?


Free Mcboot (FMCB) is a bootbale memory card that exploits the PS2. Once you have this mod installed on your memory card, you simply insert it into memory card slot 1 of your PS2 you can unleash the true potential of your PS2 console. The PS2 will load a different menu than it normally does. This menu can be configured to load all kinds of different software, but basically it lets you run homebrew, emulators, backup loaders, graphics upscalers, and other stuff. We don't provide the additional software, but it's easy to find if you look around the internet. Save the software you need to a USB drive and insert that into the console for use.



FMCB v1.966

Sent on PS2 Memory card of random colour.



PS2 original, the fat one.


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