Accessory | Nintendo | RF Adapter NES SNES Sharp Twin Famicom


$10.00 AUD 


NINTENDO RF Adapter original

NES, SNES, N64, Famicom, Sharp Twin Famicom



SNSP-003 - Late model SNES / N64

NUS-003 - N64 RF Modulator Adapter

AN-58C - Sharp Twin Famicom


SCPH-1122 - Sony PS2

See drop down menu for exact model


PLEASE READ: These are sold more of a collector's item than a practical solution. We don't recommend you actually use these old RF adapters on consoles as there are far higher quality cables and formats available for use on your modern TV. Ask us about each console if you need assistance.

We understand the desire to complete a console box set, so they are sold for that purpose.


PS. If you need Sega models they are here

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