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Power Supply Conversion

Saturn / Dreamcast



We can replace the 100V Japanese or 120V USA power supply in your console with an Australian one so you can run it off our mains 240V outlet.

No more using a bulky step down transformer converter.

How do we do this? It's magic.

No not really, it's all very simple.

We have our own conversion kits available here that we can supply and install for you.

Of course if you're comfortable with a soldering iron, the kits can be purchased separately for a DIY job.

How does the process work?

  1. Make contact with us for advice and guidance (optional here)
  2. Buy our installation service from this page
  3. Post in your console
  4. We supply the kit and perform the installation
  5. We post your console back to you


    • NOTE - Your return postage costs are automatically calculated at checkout. We only use Registered Post within Australia with $300 insurance. This is to guarantee signed delivery back to you and to cover your expenses if the package gets lost in transit.


      Our repair centre for this work is located on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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