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NES RGB Upgrade

Installation only!

Buy your RGB kit from the maker.


    This is a solder in board which adds RGB video support to the Nintendo 64 console.

    Compatible with all models of Nintendo 64, new or old, PAL or NTSC.
    Works with all Super Nintendo and Gamecube RGB cables as well as RAD2X and HD Retrovision and Retro Gaming Cables.

    • Outputs RGB or component video (jumper selectable so please let us know).
    • Resistor video DAC with regulated power supply for low noise.
    • De-blur feature sharpens the video signal.
    • De-blur feature can be toggled with an external switch or enabled via a controller button combination.
    • In game reset, activiated via a controller button combination.
    • LED data monitor makes it easier to troubleshoot faulty installations.


    We install the kit for you, so you will need to supply the RGB board.

    Buy your kit here at Tim Worthington's store

    (You must order the fine pitch DAC adapter with the kit)



    How does the process work?

    1. Buy your NES RGB board plus fine pitch DAC adapter from the eTim store
    2. Buy this installation service.
    3. Print our address from the "Print Address" button on screen.
    4. Post in your console to us.
    5. We perform the install.
    6. We post your console back to you.

     Who pays for postage?

    • You organise postage and ship your console in.
    • We calculate the return postage at checkout and this is how we get it back to you.

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