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$89.00 AUD 
Options:  N64 UltraPIF install


Installation service

N64 Ultra PIF

What is the Ultra PIF? Read about it here or buy it here


How does this install process work?

  1. Make contact with us for advice and guidance (optional here)
  2. Buy your Mod kit from the seller
  3. Ship the kit and your N64 console to us.
  4. Buy our installation service from this page
  5. We perform the installation
  6. We post your console back to you


    • NOTE - Your return postage costs are automatically calculated at checkout. We strongly advise you to select Express post. We will add insurance onto the shipping at no extra charge.


      Our repair centre for this work is located on the Gold Coast of Australia.

      Retro Sales Repairs
      1 / 94 Kangaroo Avenue
      Queensland          4216



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