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Flash Chip 29LV160TMC-90

SEGA Dreamcast Region Free BIOS

This advanced mod allows you to fully replace the stock BIOS in your Dreamcast with a customised one that is region free. This chip 29LV160TMC-90 is the one you'll need.


Follow the "Piggyback BIOS Install" section here, or remove the entire chip with a hot air tool and replace the chip completely. The instructions are all here in the link below.




SEGA Dreamcast with motherboard revision - VA1 or VA2.1
(It's not advisable to install this chip on the early VA0 revisions)

Pre-flashed chips come with the Dev Kit boot animation from Link83. If you prefer the blank chip you can perform a piggyback installation and simply flash the chip yourself via a boot tool image provided in the instructions link. These chips can be erased and reflashed at your convenience (via your Dreamcast)

The chip comes with NO warranty due to the highly skilled installation required.

If you prefer us to supply and install this chip, please take a look at our installation service here.


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