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Wing Over 2

Sony PlayStation PS1

Introducing a new gaming experience Wing Over 2 puts you right in the pilot seat as you're taught the finer points of air combat. With enough flying hours under your belt and having passed the five training levels plus graduation exam, you'll be qualified to fly the game's 26 different aircraft in any on of the twenty special missions. Start by learning the basics; a loop here, a dive there and head onto more complicated air-to-air combat manoeveurs by way of a series of flying school exams. The more exams you pass, the greater your hanger access will be, opening up a whole airbase of top-end fighters and jets for you to use. The problem with air combat school, though, is that it costs money and you're gonna have to earn your filthy lucre by flying errands for the academy Your school isn't going to let you loose in an F16 to escort the Presidential jet through enemy territory; well not until you've lost that 'rookie' status anyway!

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Release Date 31 October 2000
Product Type Video Game
Genre Action / Shooter


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