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Tiny Tank

Sony PlayStation PS1

The Tiny Tank with the BIG 'Tude. Tiny may be the size of a vending machine, but he's got the spirit of a rottweiler. It's the beginning of the 21st century and an army of steel robots are on the rampage to destroy the human race. The only hope is a bright yellow tank with a massive stock of fire power and a whole lot of spunk. Suit up with a state-of-the-art weapons system: Gatling guns, infrared warheads, mortars, freeze guns, Tiny's 80mm cannon nose and more. Rocket through free-roaming 3D battle fields on totally articulated treads with super-charged jet thrusters. Use the Teeny Weeny Tanks to scout ahead or retrieve weapons. Heated two-player death-matches.

Packaged Weight 0.24 KG
Release Date 2 February 2000
Product Type Video Game
Genre Action / Shooter


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