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Test Drive 4x4

Sony PlayStation PS1

Ragged Edge Racing! HUMMER EXCLUSIVE - the only game to include the world famous HUMMER 20 VEHICLES INCLUDING OVER 10 LICENSED OFF-ROAD BEHEMOTHS Choose between the Dodge Ram, Ford Explorer, Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150, Chenowth FAV, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge T-Rex, and more... 12 TRACKS IN 6 REAL-WORLD LOCALES -Make killer mud rooster tails, crash through snow drifts, ocean surf and sand, or just bash, bump and crush your opponents vehicles while avoiding boulders, tress, cliffs and mud pits. WORLD TOUR MODE Defeat your competition in any of 6 classes to open new tracks & buy better vehicles. MODIFIABLE AND UPGRADEABLE VEHICLES DUAL SHOCK Analog Controller support. Vibration so real you might get whiplash! AWESOME SOUNDTRACK featuring: Sevendust, Gravity Kills and Fear Factory

Packaged Weight 0.24 KG
Release Date 30 September 1998
Product Type Video Game
Genre Driving / Racing


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