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Starfighter 3000

Sony PlayStation PS1

StarFighter 3000 is the next generation of space combat simulations that puts you in control of the most lethal flying machine the 31st century has ever seen. Enter a complete virtual environment and take to the skies, flying high over buildings, lakes, bridges and mountain ranges. Drop from the mothership and fly the STARFIGHTER 3000 into air-to-air and air-to-ground combat that's so frenzied that you'll be thankful you've got highly trained wingmen for support. With enemy fighters, heat seeking missiles and space cruisers to deal with, not to mention enemy SAM sites and radar installations, StarFighter 3000 really is state of the art. # Over 50 varied missions spread across 4 levels # Unique camera viewing system allows the player to lock onto virtually any object from any angle, while still flying and fighting # Air-to-air and air-to-ground missions that present the ultimate challenge # Blistering 3D graphics with contoured land, graduated skyline and undulating seascapes # Take control of friendly air forces and control up to 10 wingmen at a time # Non-linear mission structure means that the order of target destruction may have an affect on mission success. You need to think as well as fight! # A choice of 8 different in-game soundtracks ranging from ambient to full on space battle! # Bonus levels, time limits, chain reactions, extra weapons and experimental fighter craft all feature heavily in the game

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Release Date 10 September 1996
Product Type Video Game
Genre Action / Shooter


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