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Oddworld Abe's Exoddus [Platinum]

Sony PlayStation PS1

ODD things are happening at SoulStorm Brewery. It seems that the greedy Glukkons are using Mudokon tears as a key ingredient in their best-selling beverage, SoulStorm Brew. And they'll stop at nothing to get them, for torturing the Mudokons is their preferred lifestyle! Once again, it's up to Abe to save his race, with just his loin-cloth, chants and wits. Not to mention a bad case of gas. Sound ODD? Welcome back to Oddworld. Possess Glukkons, Sligs and Scrabs too! Happy, depressed, spiteful, manic or suicidal? GameSpeak for most enemies!

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Release Date 15 November 1999
Product Type Video Game
Genre Adventure / Platformer


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