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F1 World Grand Prix 1999 Season

Sony PlayStation PS1

Developed by Lankor, Official Formula 1 Racing brings players to the next level in racing simulation. Based on the 1998 season data using the official FIA License, players can choose to take part in an entire season, or jump in and race on any of the 16 circuits. All 11 teams and their cars have been represented in the highest detail. The advanced graphics and stunning lighting ensure the cars are visually stimulating. All 16 circuits from the 1998 season have been included and modelled to the most minute detail for ultimate realism. Supported by the Official FIA License, includes all 22 cars, 16 circuits and official data from the 1998 World Champion season. Features multi-player support for up to eight players. Also features fantastic graphics and speed, 3-D accelerator and Force Feedback support, accurate simulations and fun-to-play arcade modes, over 20 camera angles and ability to create your own new camera positions, informative helicopter fly-over to each circuit, three difficulty settings and realistic and changeable weather conditions. * 2 player split-screen mode. * Scenario mode allows you to play your favorite races again and exchange them with friends. * Extensive car set-up options. * Realistic racing effects.

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Release Date 30 December 1999
Product Type Video Game
Genre Driving / Racing


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