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Lylat Wars

For Nintendo 64

The interplanetary tyrant Andross and his armada are once again threatening the galaxy. Fox McCloud and his team of mercenaries are called upon once more to form the Star Fox Team. Pilot 3 different vehicles like the classic Arwing starfighter in up 15 missions that you can choose a path from to reach your final destination. The action shifts from traditional on-rails forward scrolling to full 360 degree arena environments when needed. Characters in the game speak, which is new to the Starfox series. Many levels branch into two levels, giving the player choice on how to play the game, instead of a fixed level path. First appearance of the Star Wolf team: the evil alter egos of the Star Fox team. Awardable "medals," which are earned by accomplishing a mission with all wingmen intact and having achieved a certain kill total. 15 vast levels, and 3 unique vehicles, which include the Arwing, Landmaster tank, and Blue Marine submarine. Contains: Cartridge only

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Release Date 1997
Product Type Video Game
Genre Action » Shooter » Rail
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