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For the SNK Neo Geo AES



NAM-1975 is a war shooting gallery arcade video game developed and originally published by SNK on April 26, 1990. It was one of the launch titles for both the Neo Geo MVS (arcade) and Neo Geo AES (home) platforms, in addition of being the only title in the system that does not feature the Neo Geo boot screen in its attract mode, as well as one of the pack-in games for the AES.

Set in a very fictionalized account of the final months of the Vietnam War, the story follow the soldiers Silver and Brown as they enter into the war once again in order to rescue ex-American army scientist Dr. R. Muckly and his daughter Nancy, who were kidnapped and presumably imprisoned in the interior of Vietnam by North Side terrorists, while also trying to learn about the responsible author of the act. Initially launched for the Neo Geo MVS, NAM-1975 was later released for both Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo CD in 1991 and 1994 respectively, and has since been re-released through download services for various consoles, among other ways to play it.

NAM-1975 received positive reception from critics upon its release, with praise given to the graphics and digitized voice samples but many were divided in regards to the gameplay, while it received criticism for the music and difficulty. Retrospective reviews for the title have been equally positive in recent years, with reviewers praising the gameplay but criticizing its short length.



We have two versions of this great game.

The regular AES hard box and the japanese only carboard box.

Details of both are below.



 Regular AES Detail:

Barcode - 021876002004

Model - NGH-001



English USA



Box / Cover - 7.5/10

Manual - 10/10

Cart - 8.5/10


High res photos can be seen here




Carton Version Detail:

(Cardboard box, instead of a hard plastic case)

Barcode - 4964808100101

Model - NGH-001






Box / Cover - 7/10

Manual - 10/10

Cart - 9.5/10


High res photos can be seen here





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