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$580.00 AUD 


Mutation Nation

For the SNK Neo Geo AES



Nation Mutation is a The well-known Beat them Up on Neo Geo, which was released in 1992, has dazzled many players in arcades and magazine pages such as Joypad or Consoles +. One or two players (Player 1 as Ricky and Player 2 as Johnny) fight their way through the six levels of various mutated and mechanical enemies, each level containing one or more sub-bosses before an actual boss appears at the end of each stage. The game plays close to the usual beat 'em up mold allowing the player to utilize various combos, jumping attacks, throws and special moves to utilize on the opposition. Rather than the standard fare of allowing players to pick up objects to use as weapons against the enemy however, Mutation Nation instead uses a system where the player can pick up one of four elemental spheres that allow the player the ability to unleash screen-filling super attacks. There are also neutral spheres that will give life back to the player and increase the number of super attacks that they can use.



Model - NGH-014



English Euro



Box / Cover - 8.5/10

Manual - none

Cart - 9.5/10


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