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$520.00 AUD 



For the SNK Neo Geo AES



Cyber-Lip is a horizontally scrolling, side-view platformer shoot 'em up (this combination is sometimes referred to as "run and gun") arcade game released by SNK in 1990 for the SNK Neo-Geo MVS. Players control Rick and/or Brook, two human veteran soldiers, who are sent by an unspecified "federal government" into combat on a last-ditch attempt to save Earth from a malfunctioning military supercomputer in charge of all military androids.

A handful of members from Irem developed this title and later went on to create Metal Slug.

Gameplay consists of battling through large numbers of enemies, collecting power-ups and defeating several end-of-stage bosses. This makes it comparable to the likes of Metal Slug or Contra in terms of gameplay.



Barcode - 021876002066

Model - NGH-010






Box / Cover - 9.5/10

Manual - 9.5/10 (Both Eng and French manuals)

Cart - 9/10

This is the rare double cartridge label factory error. A few early AES games were produced with 2 labels stamped on the cartridge. See photos in the link below.


High res photos can be seen here



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