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Game:  Cosmic Avenger


Cosmic Avenger Universal Edition

for the ColecoVision Console

Cosmic Avenger is a horizontally scrolling shooter developed by Universal Entertainment Corporation and released in arcades by Universal in July 1981. It is one of the first shooters with forced X-axis scrolling along with Konami's Scramble released earlier in the year. The final installment in Universal's Cosmic series, players take control of the Avenger space fighter and use bullets and bombs to fight enemy forces.

The game was ported to ColecoVision as one of its launch titles in North America when the system was released in August 1982. Versions for other platforms were in development and advertised but neither were officially released. The ColecoVision port proved more successful than the arcade original, garnering mostly positive reception from critics who praised the action, visuals, and sound effects.



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