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Road Rash

for Panasonic 3DO


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Road Rash is a 1991 racing video game originally developed and published by Electronic Arts for the Sega Genesis. It was subsequently ported to a variety of contemporary systems by differing companies. The game is based on a series of road races throughout California that the player must win to advance to higher-difficulty races, while using a combination of fisticuffs and blunt weaponry to hinder the other racers. It is the debut installment in the Road Rash game series.

Road Rash was the first title to be developed by Electronic Arts following the company's decision to begin developing games internally. The game was influenced by designer Randy Breen's enthusiasm for motorcycles, the technical advantages granted by motorcycles as opposed to cars, and the violent behavior of Grand Prix motorcyclists during races. The 32-bit versions of the game feature 25 minutes of live-action full-motion video footage and a soundtrack primarily consisting of licensed grunge music courtesy of A&M Records. The effort to license the music of Soundgarden for the title led to the inclusion of other alt-rock bands such as Monster Magnet and Swervedriver.

Road Rash was released to critical and commercial success. The original version for the Sega Genesis was particularly acclaimed for its violent and aggressive gameplay and the convincing sense of speed in its graphics, while the 3DO version was commended for its advanced visuals and grunge-based soundtrack. Reception of other versions ranged from positive to middling, with the later versions being considered dated by the time of their release. The game was followed by a series of sequels made for various consoles.

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