Game | 3DO | Burning Soldier


$55.00 AUD 


Burning Soldier

for Panasonic 3DO

Condition: 8.5/10


Burning Soldier is a 1994 rail shooter video game developed by Genki and originally published by Panasonic and Pack-In-Video in North America, Japan and Europe exclusively for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. The first title to be created by Genki for the 3DO platform, the game is set on a futuristic Solar System in 2095 where a war against humanity erupted with the arrival of the Kaisertian alien race, as players assume the role of a Earth Defense Force fighter pilot taking control of the mecha-style Strike space fighter craft in an effort to overthrow the invaders and end the conflict. Its gameplay mainly consists of shooting mixed alongside full motion video with sprite-based enemies imposed on them using a main two-button configuration.

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