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Model: Black Model 2 (USA 120V Power)
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Boxed SEGA Saturn Console

Black USA [NTSC]

A classic SEGA console that stands the test of time! The quality is still superb considering the technology, and with our meticulous fine tuning, you have a console that continue to run as it should for many years to come. 

Box Includes:



AV Cable

Power cable

Original Box

POWER:  As this is a USA console and runs at 120V we have included a stepdown converter to allow you to safely play this in Australia from our 240V power. 


DO NOT plug your USA 120V Saturn Console into an Australian Power socket without a stepdown converter. Even with a travel adapter, these console have the incorrect voltage to run properly and it is hazardous! You will get what we call 'Magic Smoke' - a massive no-no! You need a good quality stepdown converter in order to get these running safely.

Q. How to run a USA Saturn in Australia?

A. There's two solutions for this problem.

1. Purchase a stepdown transformer and plug the Saturn into it. This device is sometimes called a stepdown converter which will accept the 240v high voltage in Australia and lower it to a safe level for the USA Saturn to use 110V to 120V AC. We recommend you buy this one on eBay as we've tested it and it's good. You will also need to buy a Japanese or USA power cable. (This site contains affiliate links for which we may be compensated)

2. The better solution is to remove the Japanese power supply and let us replace it with a custom solution that will run in Australia, then the console can simply be played in Australia off normal household 240v power outlets. We have converted some of the consoles on this page, so read the option and choose wisely.

To buy this optional Saturn Power Conversion service we recommend adding this console to the cart first, then adding this saturn power conversion job to your cart and have us fix the power problem before we ship out your console. (We will supply an Australian power cable at the same time)

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