Console | SEGA Mega Drive Genesis 1 | Refurbished with new Aussie Power supply + Controller + AV Cable


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SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis model 1 Console

The SEGA mega drive model 1 was arguably one of the best 16bit consoles to exist.

With a huge array of amazing games made for this system, it really is a classic console to pick up and play.

The Mega drive is the same as the US Genesis just a different name.

These have all had years of dust removed, serviced and tested.

Package includes:

  • Cleaned / Repaired / Tested Console
  • Brand new Aussie Power supply from Global Garage
  • Genuine Controller
  • Brand new Composite video AV Cable

Condition: They all have some small scratches and marks from 25 years of use, but we try our best to source the cleanest ones and recondition them for our customers.

See the drop down menu for the various models available. Some people prefer the "HD" models which simply had "High Definition Graphics" printed on the top case. To be honest these models are not really any better than the regular models. They had an extra expansion port on the back which was never really used. What's important to know is the Model 1 consoles in general had superior sound compared to the Model 2 varieties, so all of these consoles on the list are good to go. We don't really sell the Models 2 consoles very often as most customers prefer these.

The Japanese consoles command a little bit of a premium in price as they are the absolute original models which were only available in Japan. We have to import these so there's some extra shipping costs on our end. The sale price reflects this. 


UPDATE: This list will soon be updated with individual photos of actual consoles in stock.

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