Console | Nintendo Super Famicom SFC with game


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Nintendo Super Famicom Console

The Japanese Super Nintendo


This console has been professionally refurbished


Refurbished console

AV cable

1 x Controller

Australian Power Adapter

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The Super Famicom is a great console to get into as it's a lot cheaper than the SNES and you can simply purchase an Everdrive cart and have access to the entire game library at your fingertips. With that upgrade, the games will play from all regions in English, so it's a fantastic option to buy separately.

Note: This sale if for an unmodified Super Famicom console so it's set to the Japanese region and plays Japanese games.

Everdrive carts are sold separately here

(highly recommended)



 Some plastic discoloration is common on these old consoles. The best ones will be selected and posted.

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