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Nintendo Super Famicom Console

(Also known as the SFC)

AKA "The Japanese Super Nintendo"

The Super Famicom console packs we have in stock play in Australia. They only play NTSC games, which the listed packs come with 3 complimentary (randomly selected) games. 

The Super Famicom is a great console to get into as it's a lot cheaper than the SNES and you can simply purchase an Everdrive cart and have access to the entire game library at your fingertips. With that upgrade, the games will play from all regions in English, so it's a fantastic option to buy separately.

Note: This sale is for an original Super Famicom console, which plays Japanese games.


 - SFC Console

- AV cable

 - 1 x Controller

- Australian Power Adapter

- GAMES Yes, you get x3 games! 


As a bonus, we throw in 3x games with every Super Famicom console set! They are random Super Famicom games of various styles. Some of the game language will be in Japanese and some in English. That depends on each game. It's a free bonus so we hope you can get some use out of them.



(Yes, you can simply power the Japanese super famicom in Australian without the need for a step down converter. You just need to use our in house Retro Sales branded power supply of course, which is included.)




Some minor plastic discoloration is common on these old consoles. The best ones will be selected and posted.

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