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Super Nintendo SNES RGB SCART Cable Stereo - PAL NTSC

This cable supplies an RGB video signal and stereo sound from your Pal Super Nintendo which is far superior than the original video cable, plus with an RGB SCART there is no need for TV tuning, simply plug and play. This cable is screened to minimise interference , the SCART plug audio ground is connected to reduce the buzzing noise often experienced with some cables, and both ground pins 5 and 6 on the Multi AV connector are connected via separate wires to the SCART plug to also help reduce noise.
It also benefits from internal grounding resistors for impedance matching, which are often fitted to transmission line to minimise wave reflections and to maximise power!  And the sync signal type is available as either "sync over composite video" (composite video + sync), "sync over s-video luma" (luma sync) or CSYNC also known as composite sync,  which has a built in video sync separator circuit and is powered directly by the Super Nintendo console, and finally the SCART plug can be wired as either EuroSCART or  JP21, the choice is yours! But choice wisely young padawan.


  • No Tuning required, just plug and play.
  • True RGB video & stereo sound.
  • Constructed from custom screened cable especially made forRetro Gaming Cables.
  • Available with two output connector types, either a EuroSCART / Péritel plug for use with SCART televisions, SCART to HDMI converters and SCART to component video converters, or a JP21 pin plug also known as RGB-J or Japanese 21 pin for direct connection to the XRGB-1, XRGB-2 & XRGB-3 up-scalers. Please select from options.
  • Available with three sync types; Composite video + sync, sync over luma or CSYNC (with built in video sync separator LM1881 chip). Please select desired sync type from the options. For further information on sync types please see help.

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