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 SNK Neo Geo AES

Replacement Joystick Ball Top Black

Brand new replacement ball top for the SNK Neo Geo AES Joystick

The Neo Geo AES home joysticks have a common fault where the ball on the joystick cracks and starts to fall apart with age. This replacement ball top will simply screw into place



The original is 30mm

This replacement is slightly larger at 35mm and almost identical to the HORI joystick ball tops, so it's an excellent option to replace a cracked original


All Neo Geo Joysticks - Screw on
Direct replacement for original models. All regions.



This item is too large for our Small Item postage option as it's over the 20mm letter theshold. It has to go as a full-size package unfortunately. We offer combined postage on all orders, so go ahead and pick-up another item from our store to maximixe the postage.


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