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Region Free Boot Carts

For the SEGA Saturn

The Sega Saturn is region-locked, meaning that games can only be played on hardware from the same region.

So in order to play the plethora of Japanese titles on a American or European console (or vice-versa of either scenario), one solution is to use a region converter cartridge like the CD+PLUS, ST-KEY, Action Replay or Pseudo Saturn.

SEGA Saturn region converters are cartridges which plug into the Saturn's cartridge slot and simply work by taking over the boot process and unlocking the region. A typical boot screen will appear and the inserted game of choice will be read.



Can I play Japanese & USA games on a PAL Saturn?



Can I play PAL games on a Japanese & USA Saturn?



Can I boot backup games?

Yes, but only with Pseudo Saturn. If you know what Pseudo Saturn is, then you can simply buy from this page. If you'd like to read more about the advanced features of this device head over to our details page to learn more - Pseudo Saturn



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