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Controllers wear out over time and need replacing. Retro Sales Australia stocks a large selection of the best Genuine Controllers, FightSticks, Joysticks all tested and ready for retro gaming. Grab a working controller or replacement now. Have you tried the HORI versions? They're ace.

View all 3 button 6 button 6 Player Adapter aes arcade Arcade Stick as new Atari Ball Ball Top Bannco Black Blue & Yellow boxed cable cap caps Clearance console control control pad control stick controller Controller extension controller extension cable Controller PAK cover crt Dance Dance DC dreamcast duck hunt Edition extension famicom featured fight fight stick fighting fightstick Foot controller FRAGnStein Game Game Cube game pad GameCube GC genesis God of war Gold gray grey grips Gun Con GunCon Guncon-45 Guncon45 hakchi2 HKT-7300 hori Hot Stuff HSS-0101 HSS-0104 hss-0122 HSS-0136 hss-0152 hudson ipad japanese joystick Konami leather light gun Limited Limited Edition mario master system Mat mega drive mega drive ii megadrive memory Metal Metal mario Microsoft mint MK-80303 Mouse Multi Tap N64 N64 Controller Namco neo geo Neo Geo X NEOGEO X Gold nes NES Classic NES classic extension NES Mini NG-003 nintendo Nintendo 64 NPC-103 nus apa NUS-005 og Original Pachi Pachinko Pack pad PAK part parts PC pc engine pce pcengine playstation 2 Point Blank Pokemon power power supply pro controller protector PS1 ps2 PS3 qs-192 Quick Joy QuickJoy QuickShot QV-401 Replacement Revolution Rockin Mega Stage RU017 saturn save game Sega sega saturn SG Fighter SG ProPad SGFighter shooting SLPH-00034 SNES snk Softmod spare spo-default spo-disabled spo-enabled Star fighter Starfighter Starfighter 3W stick super famicom super nintendo SV-434 tablet thumbstick Time Crisis Top turbo grafix turbo grafx turbo grafx16 turbografx turbografx 16 USB Virtua cop Virtua Stick VMU Wavebird weird white wii wii u wiiu Wireless WMC-6600 x X-Men vs. Street Fighter xbox zapper

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