The N64 is a console whose features have been hotly debated and compared with those of other gaming systems through the years. However, whether or not one is a Nintendo 64 fan, the immense influence of N64 on the gaming industry cannot be denied.

Here, we’ll talk about Nintendo 64, focusing on the N64’s impact on the gaming industry.

How does the N64 compare to other gaming consoles?

Although the console wars of old have already waned, it’s impossible not to compare the classic Nintendo 64 to some of its contemporaries. These include the Sony PlayStation and the N64’s fellow Nintendo-branded console, the GameCube.

N64 versus PS1

There are several points of comparison between the N64 and PS1, and there are instances where the N64 is superior, and specific features make PS1 the better choice.

A feature where N64 does comparably well includes its greater RAM capacity and superior hardware. This allowed it to display more expansive worlds in games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Turok, etc. Also, the N64’s revolutionary design featured four ports rather than two, so four people could play a game simultaneously. However, in terms of sound quality and graphic realism, the PS1 wins.

N64 versus GameCube

The GameCube is a much better console than the Nintendo 64 in terms of purely technical characteristics and usability, which is to be expected given that it belongs to a newer generation of gaming systems. It is faster than the Nintendo 64 and has more RAM and enhancements. However, the N64’s relevance to the industry has outlived the GameCube, which ceased production in 2007.

What were some of the popular games on the N64?

People were surprised by how much more vividly the N64’s graphics came to life compared to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) titles when it first entered the gaming world. In addition, the brand-new idea of 3D gaming brought a whole new level of fun and engagement for players.

The system’s highlights included generation-defining Super Mario and Pokemon games, plus several other favourite N64 games. Well-loved popular games that have stood the test of time include:

  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day
  • Mario Party
  • Mario Golf
  • Perfect Dark
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Pilotwings 64
  • Paper Mario
  • Mario Kart 64
  • Star Fox 64
  • Donkey Kong 64
  • Goldeneye 007
  • Star Wars — Rogue Squadron
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Super Smash Bros.

One particular game that stands out from this list of excellent N64 games is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

This game achieved the heights Super Mario 64 did for the Super Mario Bros. series. One of the most cherished game franchises in video game history, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time effectively introduced the series into the more lifelike 3D gaming environment. It also expanded upon a game that already had many brilliant gameplay ideas. Ocarina of Time, like most Zelda games, immediately sold out everywhere the moment it was released.

What features made the N64 unique?

The Nintendo 64 was a revolutionary gaming system since it was the first console to offer true 3D gaming.

The controller introduced the analogue stick for the first time. So the N64 truly had all that was up and coming at that time — 3D graphics and an analogue stick.

The analogue stick wasn’t perfect, though. In Mario Party, several of the mini-games required participants to utilise the analogue stick, frequently with the palms of their hands, which occasionally led to hand blisters. As a safety measure, gloves had to be provided to players of the game when Nintendo became the target of a successful lawsuit.

The grey console that Nintendo first unveiled comes to mind when most people think of the N64. However, as Nintendo expanded due to the N64’s success, they released a plethora of N64s in various colours, including green, blue, orange, red, black, and pink.

How does the N64 hold up against modern gaming consoles?

Although the N64 is still influential today, not everyone appreciates retro gaming consoles, Nintendo 64 included. But for retro gaming enthusiasts, the N64 is its own unique beast, and not even the latest game consoles can make up for the classic look and feel of the N64.

Current game consoles with large memory capacities, enviable speeds, razor-sharp images, and crystal clear audio simply don’t have that nostalgic vibe the N64 exudes.

What impact did the N64 have on the gaming industry?

In remembering N64 gaming consoles, it’s important to know that the main reason why people still talk about N64 is the way it paved the road for future generations without being a mere gaming stepping stone — it stood on its own as a gaming giant.

It was ranked as the 9th best video gaming system ever by Imagine Games Network (IGN), while Time Magazine named it the Machine of the Year in 1996. The Nintendo 64 enabled the new trend of 3D gaming, which, in 1996, was considered a major technological innovation. Super Mario 64 revolutionised gaming when it debuted and is still regarded as one of the best and most influential video games ever created.

Thanks to THQ and other excellent third-party games like Spider-Man, Tony Hawk, and Resident Evil 2, the N64 is frequently hailed as having some of the best games ever made. One of the greatest video game collections ever put together for a console is what you get when you combine the Rare library with Donkey Kong 64, F-Zero, Star Fox 64, Super Smash Bros, Ocarina of Time, and other titles.

The N64 was and continues to be a reliable platform and a significant contribution to gaming history. At the end of the 20th century, it offered us iconic games that defied convention and were crucial in introducing a new generation of people to digital technology. As a result, the 64-bit console from Nintendo has earned a spot in the pantheon of gaming systems.

Finally, the construction quality of the N64 is quite solid. It has outlasted gaming consoles of the same or later generations.

The Nintendo 64 — here to stay

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