I'm not sure if this truth shocks you as much as it shocks me, but... we’re already in August! It's definitely not a bad situation as Retrosales has yet another TOP5 video game blog post to enthral your wonderful life that little bit more. Although not considered completely retro just yet, we’ve decided to go down the PS3 realm because, well, why not? So, sit down (although I’ll assume you already are) and get ready for the ride of your life! - don’t take that too seriously.

1. Uncharted series:  Decided to start with a bang! I actually didn’t realise how difficult it would be to choose an Uncharted game, so... I recommend all of them! Playing as our main man, Nathan Drake, you can’t help but feel like an adventurer yourself. Yes, you can travel across the world, uncovering secret historical mysteries from your very couch! Although I do also recommend physical travel when possible, but until then, definitely opt for an Uncharted travel experience. It also won't hurt your pockets too much.

2. Red Dead Redemption: So the cover of this game was the initial intrigue for me - simplistic yet badass and artsy! I think it’s safe to say that prior to Red Dead Redemption, no video-game maker had been able to fully capture the vastness of the romanticised Western genre. It could have been due to technological setbacks or a lack of intense Western era passion, but either way, Red Dead Redemption is a definite must-have if you want to go back in time and be part of an incredibly immersive and utterly entertaining Western adventure game!

3. Demon’s Souls: Goodness me, that’s an intense title. Now this is one I haven’t played yet, but I’ve been told that the multiplayer options are strangely compelling. I have absolutely no idea what that means, but maybe you could test it out and understand that particular comment for the vast collective? The risk/reward component of this game appeals to most people who have played it, and honestly, I’m intrigued to know why. We happen to have a copy on our hands, so get on it before I do!

4. Street Fighter IV: Need I say more? I was about to stop there, but then I realised that maybe there's someone out there who enjoys reading as much as I do writing... So here's more, my friend. Street Fighter IV is tastier than ever—it doesn’t just have the classic bread, patty, and cheese; With 5 new characters and 6 new stages from the games prior, it’s like the burger now has relish, fresh onion, sliced pickles, beetroot.. why not even add an extra layer of gourmet cheese in there? (I think I’m hungry.) Basically, you can’t go wrong with this tasty series!

5. Little Big Planet KARTING (Special Edition): I am a huge fan of racing games! Even if the reviews are terrible (which thankfully this one is not), I'll still give it a whirl. If you enjoy Little Big Planet, then karting may just be for you! The mechanics are pretty darn great, and there are tracks that have insane turns and crazy visuals, which makes it more compelling. All in all, you're bound to have some fun with this one.

There are a bunch of PS3 games I could always recommend, but alas, we promised five, so five is all you'll get... until next time!

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